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Sep. 17th, 2007 @ 02:32 pm jinsei ha kantan janai na (the life isnt that easy)
Hi. so I got here in calgary about two months ago. My first month being in canada went really well. I could get like two and half days off in a week and relaxed so much. I could do a lot of things like hang out with my roommates and had a bbq party. Work is hard as usual but work is work so gotta do it.

However, second month is fuckin awfull. I only have one day off in a week and working there for about 10hours in a day which is sooo stupid. I didnt like the rush of working when i was in Japan thats why i came to Canada but things havent been changed anything even here in canada. I know the kinda of job i have now is really busy and hard to have days off...but i still hope this work situation will be changed soon...or just quit...and going back to japan?hmmm

another problem is I have no canadian friends here in calgary.. I do have canadian coworkers but I dont think I want to see them when i am having days off. Well this is the same problem that i had in japan. Its just I dont have time for making friends or hang out with friends....grrrrrr i wish there was 30 or 40hours in a day. just extra 10hours would be great...haha

anyways. other than that, life here is pretty good. People are so nice and TV shows are fun to watch. Canadian idol in this year wasnt really good tho. haha Degrassi is cool too.

muhahaa ciao
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Jun. 30th, 2007 @ 02:32 am Canada
hmm I havent posted here for ages.... well i dont think anyone read this anymore but i just feel like i wanted to remember current feeling. I am going to go to Canada from july. i dunno how long. If i can get a visa to work there, i can be there at least for a year. not sure if they are gonna hire me or not... It was my dream that going abroad to work so this is a big step for me. hmmmmmm wish me luck.
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Aug. 14th, 2006 @ 03:00 am still alive
woaaa. long time long time not posting here or there. yup I am still alive and no much thing going on really. I should start finding a job for next year but I am lazy ass. new coworker whos gonna be my new boss is coming next week. am a bit excited and worried. he was a sue chef at a hotel but still young like early 30th....hmmm he must be tough...

"love life" none! haha. me no loving anyone. amazing. I havent had a bf for two years now. this is pretty awful to hear but thats not bad at all. its like I dont have time for that. just need to concentrate on my future plan and its coming close. so excited.

last week, I went to a super sento with my friend and it was my first time( not really the first time but I havent gone to sentos since I have cubic hair.) I know it sounds so weird. japanese no sento? hmmm well I didnt like show my body or my cock to people. u know I am shy. hehe. but the hell the sento was great. college students are taking summer vacation now so there were tans tans of college guys there. that means young stars are revealing their bodies and showing their cocks. oh man. I almost got hard on. people say japanese cock is small. well I should say young japanese have pretty nice ones. hmmm we should change our stereotype of thinking. but why?? because they are eating lots of westerners food lately??? hmm interesting. hahaa. but eye candy. goodie goodie

just quick message to tell "I am still alive". ciao bello
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Nov. 30th, 2005 @ 01:07 am amazing. just amazing movie.
I went to see harry potter last weekend. I saw the past movies but omg this is the terrific movie. its more adult and painfull. cant wait to see next one!! if u havent seen it, well I say "go to see it now!!" u dont wanna miss seeing this!!

speaking of the movie, I had an amzaing date the night. I met him a few weeks ago at a bar. my friend was supposed to come but he was sick so couldnt come but I really wanted to go out because it was sat and I had a sun off.(its really rare for me to have weekend off) so I did. then I met this guy from scotland ( dosent have that much accent) actually he is pretty cool. I would say he've got brain. talking with him is very confortable. anyway, we went to see the movie and had dinner at an italian restaurant which wasnt that good but drunk lots of wine then I poped in his apartment and saw another movie "Anna and the king" and had lots of wine again. hahaa. I got sooooo drunk. but it was a great night.
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Oct. 19th, 2005 @ 01:07 am great movie
I just saw this great movie yesterday. latter days. its about a gay mormon missionary and good looking guy. it was fucking awsome. cant believe that I actually hadnt seen the movie till yesterday. it was a touchy and lovely movie. However, also that makes me feel lonley and alone. its like I just totaly forgot about my pureness and who I was.

a couple years ago, one of my friends told me that love comes after sex and I didnt believe that really. I still believe that love is all pureness. I know its related with sex but sex is just one of seasonings of love. not the main point. (could be?)

I have told myself "dont make a bf anymore at least in 2years" because I might be leaving from japan and dont wanna get hurt by someone whom I love(loved) so I just stay back and try not to get closer with people I meet. but cant deal with my hornies without sex. ( sorry I am weak u know) so I do things like whatever makes me feel satisfied. this isnt really what I want. nothing satisfy me till I find a special one. very confusing..... dose every single person has this kinda thoughts? or only me? aww too much thinking.

hell I donno what I am writing now. just the movie made me think about love a lot and kinda miss loving someone.
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Sep. 12th, 2005 @ 09:03 pm costco


yappie!!! I just came back from costco!! I haven been there for a long time like a year or so! it was great. Costco is my home ground! its just weird that japanese call it kosutoko. to? what's TO???? haha anyway I got lots of unneeded stuff like muffins, bagles, wine, classico(tomato sauce) sprite(a box) and brito. oh yeah well I spent tooo much money but had so much fun there. am feeling great. btw about my last post, my dad is ok now. he went back to his house from the hospital. the operation has been successfully done which made me feel so reliefed. his 2/3 of heart is still dead though. oh well it's ok, he is having a normal life now. just reminded him that no drinkiin and smoking when he was drinking in front of me! haha. good day. cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrs

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Sep. 7th, 2005 @ 01:49 am hot potato...
Current Mood: scaredscared
Sometimes I really hate everything. work, frinds, myslef, my life, everything... ofcourse only when I am in bad mood though. and now is the time. I need to be alone sometimes and talk by myself and encourage to do things I have to. the hot potato is....my dad now. my dad will have an operation tmrw and I am so worried about it. I never thought he would....(dont wanna say it) but I have never expected anybody to leave from my family. I really hope he is gonna be ok. I havent told him a lot of things. I havent told him about me yet. he should know it becaues he is my dad and he loves me and cares about me a lot. but again donno if its the best idea to tell him about it right now becuase of his heart. ganbatte otousan...
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Aug. 3rd, 2005 @ 06:42 pm CASSHERN
Current Mood: calmcalm
"dareka no negai ga kanau koro" is HIkaru Utada's song from Casshern. Recently my friend sent me this song and I would say this is my best song right now. just so great. the song is kinda sad but u know, what she is singing about is totaly I understand. so good. check it out if u have time.
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Jul. 26th, 2005 @ 05:06 pm Romancing saga
Hellooo. I havent played PS2 for a long time. well and I have found that the ps was broken....so I bought a new one!!! yaaay. and u know what? I got romancing saga!! omg. its so fun to play it. I have heard the us version of RomaSaga is gonna be sold! hmm is it totally the same? would love to see the us version....
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Jul. 7th, 2005 @ 09:37 pm awwww
long long long time not posting here... sorry. I have been ok. slowly getting used to work at the restaurant. dont really have news to post here....time goes fast. and so slow....I should really start looking for a job in canada or oz. or I should really decide which country I should go. in my opinion oz is the country for vacation and canada is the country to live. I prefer canada but hmmmm are there any jobs for me in canada?? thats it for today. xx
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